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Relajarse en la piscina


There's no better way to enjoy the warm outdoors than on the water. With our high quality equipment and expert staff at IBR PISCINAS, S.L , it is the perfect place to improve your skills or try something completely new.

Equipo de limpieza de piscinas
Herramientas de carpintería


Our team of experts guarantees that your installation will be done efficiently. We have the experience and dedication to do a good job. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Equipo de limpieza de piscinas


IBR PISCINAS, S.L has qualified personnel to build booths designed to safeguard the installation and objects belonging to the pool in an orderly, organized and efficient manner.

Equipo de limpieza de piscinas
Cubierta de piscina


IBR PISCINAS, S.L provides a wide variety of awnings using only the highest quality supplies and the most advanced technology. Take a look at the products we currently have and contact us if you can't find what you're looking for. A member of our team will contact you.

Equipo de limpieza de piscinas
piscina del hotel


IBR PISCINAS, S.L has a swimming pool construction service that helps people and their businesses bring their ideas to life. Here you can see some of my projects, both big and small. Contact for more information.

Equipo de limpieza de piscinas